Giving To Charity

As well as providing a unique football environment for over over 1,000 veteran players, the Bristol Corinthians League is keen to use this to help local charities

Where the money goes

The Bristol Corinthians League committee and clubs have long since realised that we could actually do some good while we were out there reliving past glories on a freezing January Sunday morning. The league allocates a large proportion of its income to local charities and, in 2014, amended its rules so that League and Cup Trophy winning teams could decide which charity they would allocate their "prize" money to. In 2014/15 the League was delighted to raise just under ?2,000. This was distributed by the winning clubs as follows:

charity causes

Recent Charity Donations

2015 Winners & Nominated Charities

Winning club: PaS Masters
Capella Foundation £250

Winning club: Rapid Viagra
Contact The Elderly £250

Winning club: Nailsea Vets
Kath’s magic bullet £250

Winning club: Weston Pirates
Springboard £250

Winning club: Broad Plain Hse Vets
Kisses For Kaylum £250

Winning club: St Brendans OB RFC
JDRF £250

Winning club: Undy Arthritic
South Wales Hospice & Help for Heroes £150 each

Winning club: Mathern Casuals
Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline £300

Winning club: Shipham FC
Fragile X Society £250


2015 Winners & Nominated Charities

Winning club: Nailsea OB
Cancer Research UK £250

Winning club: Cardiff Accies
Junior Diabetes Research Fund £250

Winning club: Avon Re-Treads
Frenchay Hospital After-Burns Club £250

Winning club: Kellaway Hire FC
Paul's Place £250

Winning club: St Brendans FC
JDRF £250

Winning club: Chew Magna Vets
The Monday Club £250

Winning club: Undy Arthritic
St David's Hospice & Cancer Research UK £150 each

Winning club: St Brendans OB RFC
JDRF & St David's Hospice £150 each

Winning club: Russell Athletic
Young Bristol £250

Winning club: St Brendans OB RFC

Charity Thanks - 2016

Springboard Opportunity Group

At any one time we are working with around 90 children and their families – providing not only pre-school facilities but also Stay and Play sessions for children who have disabilities or are otherwise disadvantaged.

Your thoughtful contribution will help us to provide these services to enable the children to have a good start in life and to support their families and carers at a crucial stage in their lives. (2016)



It was a fabulous surprise to arrive home last week and to be greeted by this very generous donation of �250 from The Bristol Corinthians League. We are so very grateful for your donation and want to say a huge thank you to all involved in raising this money for The Capella Foundation. (2016)


Our charity is funded solely by donations and the occasional grant that it can secure from charitable grant-making organisations; so, every donation is very much appreciated, as it enables us to continue with our aim of supporting families.

Once again, please say a big �Thank You� to all of your members. We are grateful to them. (2016)


We were delighted to receive your donation of �250 to support the work of Contact the Elderly. Your support is a wonderful boost to our efforts, and will help pay for the essentials such as recruiting volunteers, obtaining references, and making sure we reach the most isolated older people and help them join their local group. (2016)