Cardiff Northern OB
Division: Crockford 35s Div 5


Cardiff Northern OB club info

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Division Crockford 35s Div 5
Main Contact Matthew Rowley
Mobile 07455092151
Contact 2 Huw Joynson
Mobile 07795365264
Colours (H) Red Shirts Black shorts and Socks
Colours (A) Blue Shirts white shorts and socks
Ground Caldicot Leisure Centre Mill Lane Caldicot NP26 4BN

Team Background:

Cardiff Northern FC were originally formed as a youth team playing at u-10 u-12 u-14 and u-16 level for the 1988-89 season.

Club founder Ken Holloway clubbed together 4 teams in the space of 3 weeks and gave the youngsters of Whitchurch teams to play for when the much larger Whitchurch FC didnt want too many players!

Named Cardiff Northern as most of the players came from (obviously) the north side of Cardiff and also Bradford Northern Rugby League gave the founders the idea, the teams competed in the Cardiff and District youth leagues.

At the end of the season 88/89 season it was decided to enter the now over age under 16's into what is now the 4 walls 4 sale league and the youth teams continued in the Cardiff and District.

With founder members including Matthew Rowley, Russell Palmer, David Abley,Matthew Martin, Marc King (AKA the legendary Bungle) plus a couple of new older faces the 1st season saw a bottom placed finish as a team of 16 to 17 year olds were easily muscled out by the majority of Sunday League opposition.

It was decided at the seasons end to pull out of the league and the majority of the younger players found solace in Saturday football.


Reformation of Sunday League team 1991/92

With the re-admission into the Sunday League and a glut of new players from Whitchurch, Rhiwbina and Birchgrove joining the old faces Cardiff Northern again had a tough season against lots of older and quite often nastier opponents however the club picked up several useful wins and with a large squad decided to enter two teams in the league.

However we were prevented from doing this by the SWFA so another 'club within a club' was formed called Philog Rangers(after the area in Whitchurch) with Matthew Rowley skippering the team and managed by Steve Palmer (brother of Northern Stalwart Russell)


Philog Rangers 1st season suffered from the same problems as Northern did in their first season with a squad with only one player over the age of 20 struggled all season until some new players joined from HEPS FC (now ACME Revolution) including Jai Forrester and the Davey Brothers Chris and Phil resulting in a memorable 1st win of 6-0 against Roath Park Rangers, the team were ready to push on for the new season of 1993/94 with a new manager (Peter King) at the helm and the now older and wiser players coming close to promotion only faltering after an enforced mid season break due to the weather meant the team lost momentum and lost 2 crucial games at the end.

With new sponsors gained the team changed to AFC Hollybush for 1994/95 season and again pushed hard for promotion, however some old faces had moved on (Matthew Rowley played welsh league, David Abley got a girlfriend - usual S**T) the team was then joined by all the players from the original Cardiff Northern FC for 1995/96 season (the club continued playing under different sponsors names the last being Mr Windows with the core of the original Northern Players still playing). Cardiff Northern continued for 95/96 with an entirely new team.


With some of the original members rejoining Ken Holloways team (including Rowley, Abley and Martin) and a mish mash of new players the club had a mid table finish in division 1 of the 4 walls for sale league however Ken had lost the enthusiasm for running the club and the club folded at the end of the season. With the core of Northern Players continuing with other Sunday league sides (Notably future Northern Rivals Deymel Stars) until the formation of Wolfs Castle FC in 1997.


Wolfs Castle FC 1997-98

Matthew Rowley wanted his team back so got a bunch of the ex Northern Players plus future Northern Legends including Dave Manley, Carl Manley, Luke Haggett and the brillian Eddie Lee reformed the club in the Lazarou league and again managed by Steve Palmer. After some beatings the Canton and Ely based players that were to become the core of the club for years to come ground out some results including a memorable 3-2 win over hated rivals Deymel Stars. This season was also the last time Simon Paterson ever scored in 11 a side.

At the end of the season with no sponsorship the name change back to Cardiff Northern for 1998-99 season with new strip (bought by Rowley) was in place.

Cardiff Northern Lazarou League 1998 - 2006

With the 'Northern Hardcore' now in place the club established itself in the lazarou league managed by Rowley until he stepped down in 2000 with Dave Manley managing until Steve Roache was appointed in 2001.

With a cricket club and 5 a side teams running 'The Northern' was now a well and truly established sports club with legendary drinking sessions conducted Wednesday Friday Saturday and Sunday by numerous club members.

The appointment of Steve Roache and the addition to the club of the 'Mynachdy Boys' including club record scorer Steve Mustey and Lee Blackwell complimenting the back 4 of Manley, Rowley, Schuchardt and French the Northern had running promotion battles 3 seasons running with CMC Sports and GCAC (Now GCAW).

However a trophy eluded them and following a bitter cup semi defeat to CMC Sports some of the old guard (Rowley, The Patersons, Willacott, Haggett, Gunter) left to form a new team known as Olympic FC (Now Racing Goscombe).

The Mynachdy boys left the club in 2004 and the Northern started to struggle until Rowley and the Patersons rejoined the club, complimented by some new faces which resulted in a shock cup run including a memorable 2-1 semi final win over league leaders Trowbridge.

The Division 1 cup final saw Northern win 4-3 after extra time against another long standing rival Cefn Llogell Racing Stables (Now Cardiff Liege) with Matthew Rowley lifting the trophy as a thank you!

Again the club lost a glut of players made up by the addition of several players from Cardiff Cosmos FC however managed by Dave Manley the club again struggled before Matthew Rowley took over for a 2nd spell, however the club continued to struggle and Justin Noakes took over to guide the club to a 2nd successive cup final against Cefn Llogell, however after leading 3-2 with 2 mins to go after Rowley scored, an injury to keeper Mike Cross led to a last minute equaliser and subsequent defeat in extra time 5-4.

With Rowley, French and the Patersons again departing in the close season back to Vic Park Olympics (Now Racing Goscombe) the club started 2006/07 season but folded before Christmas 2006.

Cardiff Northern Old Boys 2008-2015

With the Sunday football bug biting again Matthew Rowley reformed the Club adding 'old boys' to the name.

With the nucleus of the 2005 cup winning team making appearances supplemented by new faces including Mike Cross and Rob Davies, the club struggled and finished bottom, being let down by unreliability of some squad members, the clubs first league win was 3-1 against JD builders.

With the merging of the two Cardiff Sunday leagues the NOBS re-entered the Lazarou League and with several former Racing Goscombe and Ex Northern players rejoining, the squad was a lot stronger, although challenging for promotion and cup finals we never quite got there until 2013 when a thumping 4-1 win over favourites and league runners up Rhiwbina Reems got the NOBS to a cup final where sadly, the exceptional Lisvane Panthers team took the trophy but just getting there was an achievement.

This was followed with promotion to division 2 the following season, only losing the league title by 3 points after a shock defeat by Purevans who then beat the NOBS in the cup semi final to temper the season success even more.

2014-15 was a tough one for the club, with many of the players now in their mid to late 30's and some in their 40's an unsettled squad finished bottom of division 2, it was decided to restructure the club with a veterans team joining the Bristol Casuals League and a newly named Pontcanna Rangers team taking over the NOBS place in the Lazarou League.

Cardiff Northern will continue for many years in football due to an enthusiastic core of players and former players who keep the club spirit and ethos alive, and long may it continue!



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